Thursday, 11 June 2015

Vacation And Credit Cards

Each and every year, many of us go on vacations.  Vacations are a great way to relax, and get away from the everyday pressure of life.  Over half of all American families take their vacation between April and September, meaning that they spend a lot of money on travel.  Whether it’s international or domestic travel, you can spend a fortune before you actually realize it.

As we all know, traveling with cash or checks isn’t always a wise decision.  Renting cars, flying in airplanes, or checking into hotels is a much easier task if you have a credit card.  Even though you may decide to use your credit cards for big purchases only, you’ll find that the traveling experience will be a much smoother process.  

Unlike cash or checks, credit cards make handling your documents and receipts much easier.  If you purchase something, records from that purchase will be made with your credit card manufacturer, which you can always fall back on if something happens.  Things can go wrong without notice, so you’ll always want a backup plan or something to have as proof in the event of a disaster.  With a credit card, all you need to do is look back at your statement and you’ll find everything that you purchased in one easy to find location.

Credit cards are also much easier to handle and keep track of than cash.  If you decide to go to a theme park or a resort, you’ll find that cash can be a bit bulky to handle.  Carrying a large amount of cash can be hard to keep track of, even though it isn’t recommended.  Credit cards use up less space, and you can keep them in your pocket.  When you need to pay for something, you don’t need to count through your cash, simply hand over your credit card and sign your receipt.

If you don’t have any credit cards, you can always get them for vacation purposes only.  There are many benefits to having credit cards, besides the fact of them being easier to keep track of.  There are many different credit cards out there to choose from, including those that will give you cash back or rewards when you make a purchase.  Cash back is normally a small percentage of what you spend, and is given to you at the end of the month.

Some credit cards will give you reward points for every dollar you spend, which can be redeemed with several merchants offering a variety of products.  Although cash back is always a great thing, many people find reward cards to be just as good.  You can enjoy your vacation, buy just about anything you want, and know that the money you spend will help you to buy other things that you may need when your vacation is over.  Actually, can you think of this as having your cake and eating it to.

All in all, credit cards can make your vacation easier than ever before.  You can earn rewards and cash back with purchases you make using your card.  Although you may think cash is the preferred way to go, there are several merchants who actually prefer credit cards.  They are more professional, and easier for you to handle than cash or checks.  They are easy to obtain as well, providing you have good credit.  If you don’t have a credit card, you should look into getting one before you take your next vacation.  All you need to do is look for your favorite company online and apply through their website - you’ll normally receive a response in a matter of minutes.

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The Cost Of Credit Cards

Although some choose to rush into getting a credit card, they normally do so without being aware of the costs.  A lot of credit cards out there come with hidden costs and charges, and you should always be aware of this before you apply.  In most cases, these fees and charges won’t get noticed by the user until it is too late.

Credit card holders who aren’t aware of any hidden costs could easily end up paying possibly thousands of dollars at the end of the year - and not even realize it.  If you have a reward credit card, your rewards could easily be destroyed by these hidden costs.  Although some credit card users may realize it, there are many out there who aren’t aware of these costs at all.

The first factor for hidden costs is found in the grace period.  The grace period is the extra time you have to pay your bill without having extra fees added to your bill.  Even though this can be great for paying your bill, it can quickly lead to a pitfall if you let it.  To avoid any type of costs or hidden fees, you should pay your bill as soon as it arrives.  This way, you won’t have to worry about your grace period or the interest that can accrue from letting your bill get later and later.

The late fee is another factor with credit cards that is often overlooked by credit card users.  Late fees are common with credit cards, although their potential for costs is often overlooked.  Some people choose to pay it and be done with it, unaware of the fact that these costs can indeed add up in no time at all.  To be on the safe side, you should always know what the late charges are and how fast they can add up.

The easiest way to avoid any type of hidden fees or costs is to pay your bill on time - as soon as you receive your bill.  You should also pay more than the minimum, as this helps to pay your bill off faster and ensure that you pay the bill and not just the interest.  Paying your bill late is never a good thing, as it can easily destroy your credit report.  If you continue to make late payments, your company or bank can increase your interest rates.

No matter what you do, you should always pay your credit card bill on time.  Hidden fees and costs are out there - it’s up to you to avoid them.  Credit card companies and banks won’t tell you what the hidden fees are, unless you ask them.  To protect yourself and your credit - you should always be aware of the costs - and how to prevent them from happening to you.

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The Air Mile Credit Card

Air mile credit cards give you points or miles with every purchase you make, which you can redeem for traveling related expenses.  In most cases, you can use your points or miles to get a free airline ticket to travel to a destination of your choice.  Frequent flyers can use those very miles or points to redeem your reward faster.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer air mile cards.  You can choose to get one online, through a bank, or even a credit card company.  Each one is unique, and offers it’s own unique set of features.  Before you select your card, you should always look at different companies and compare them as well.  Normally, you will get a point or mile for every dollar you spend.  You’ll also want to look at blackout dates as well, as many companies have decided to drop them and their expiration dates completely.

You will also want to find out what type of purchases you make with your card give you reward miles.  Some purchases that you make may not be included in your reward incentives, which is why you’ll want to find out what purchases are and aren’t included.  The bigger purchase items, such as televisions and furniture may have more miles included, which is why you’ll want to inquire.

Another area of importance is the interest rate.  You should look deeper into the air mile credit card that you are interested in and find out how much the interest rates are and if there are any annual fees to using the card.  Although your rewards may sound great, you don’t want to pay too much in fees or an annual rate just to reap the benefits.

Even though they have been around for many years, air mile credit cards are very popular for those like to travel.  These cards can also help you with rental cars and hotel expenses as well, as long as you use the points you have accumulated by using your card.  The get the most out of an air mile credit card, you should use your card on a frequent basis.  You can really rack up the points if you purchase everything with your credit card - instead of using cash.

Air mile credit cards are great to have, as long as you don’t end up paying an arm and a leg in fees, and the annual rate isn’t that high.  If you check into what each manufacturer offers, you can normally get a great deal.  Also, make sure that find out what other rewards are included with the air mile credit card you get as well - as this can help you to make your decision when you finally decide to get the card.

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